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New Ultachs book

As part of our 30-year celebrations as the Family History Research centre for the east Galway area, we intend to publish a book on the Ulster Migrants of 1795 and their resultant legacy in county Galway. This book will be dedicated to the memory of these migrants,...

New Records in Rootsireland

We are pleased to announce that the East Galway Family History Society has added 3708 Roman Catholic baptisms for the parish of Glenamaddy to our database at Mentioned in the New Issue of ‘Irish Genealogy Matters’ Newsletter from...

Wiltrud Dull – Exhibition

Wiltrud Dull, a local artist in Woodford is holding an exhibition of her paintings at the Woodford Heritage Centre – a must see for everyone when COVID restrictions are lifted.

Irish Famine Exhibition

Kieran Tuohy’s solo exhibition entitled ‘Dark Shadows’ which are in the medium of bog oak are beautiful sculptures which immortalize stories of our past are on display at the Woodford Heritage Centre for the months of November and December. ...