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We offer a range of online and in-house services and products


Single Record Search


Involves researchers checking all available sources for a particular record which can be a baptism or birth record, marriage or death record.
The results can be emailed or posted free of charge.

Initial Search


Involves researchers conducting preliminary research using available sources to determine what level of research may be available.
The results can be emailed or posted free of charge.

Family Search


One generation and includes research for the marriage of a couple and birth/ baptism records for any children of this union
The results can be emailed or posted free of charge.

Online Records

We have the most comprehensive selection of historical records for the east Galway area searchable online on a subscription basis at
This website contains data from 34 county genealogy centres on the island of Ireland.

Family History Report

from €250

A Family History Report is a unique in-depth bound report that will enhance your knowledge of your ancestors and will be a treasure for you and your family.
A report will usually consist of all the available historical Church, State, Land, Census records for east Galway.

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Face to Face Consultation

€40 per hour

This per-hour fee involves our professional, locally based and experienced researchers assessing your ancestor’s information and offering guidance to further your research using appropriate sources and websites.