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A report will usually consist of all the available historical Church, State, Land, Census records for east Galway and may also contain gravestone inscriptions, maps of the area, family trees and any other relevant sources of information relevant to your family and parish. A report can also include family photographs, memorial cards, marriage agreements and other historical documents supplied by the client. The majority of our sources date from the early nineteenth to early twentieth centuries, it can also extend beyond these timeframes subject to the availability of records.
A Family History Report is a unique in-depth bound report that will enhance your knowledge of your ancestors and will be a treasure for you and your family. The cost of a report because of their comprehensive nature and the time needed to produce them, usually costs from €250 upwards depending on the amount of information included and additional research time needed to complete the report. Please be assured you will be advised of costs throughout the research process and that all relevant genealogical records discovered are provided in your Family History Report. The size and cost of the report also depends greatly on the amount of details that you provide and the availability of records and can take several weeks to compile given the time-consuming nature of historical research, see below further details regarding research under the Please Note area.
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Please Note

All research takes time to complete as we are usually dealing with a backlog of work. A database of almost one million records will be used to carry out the various searches for your family; but to compile an accurate and professional account of your ancestor and extended families, it is also necessary to check copies of available original records. All research is carried out in a step-by-step approach and gradually a picture of your family history emerges. All research carried out is based on the details provided in your application form. A lack of, or incorrect information can lead to an unsuccessful or inconclusive search so we would ask that you please complete the application form carefully. Please feel free to provide additional information by email or post if there is insufficient space on the application form. It is the policy of East Galway Family History Society not to take on research unless it is felt that there is sufficient information available to make the family search viable. Every effort will be made to trace the family through the various sources but we cannot guarantee evidence of your ancestor due to the limitations of Irish genealogical records. Please be patient as research by its very nature is time consuming and every client’s application for research involves an individual and in-depth study approach. You are welcome to email us for an update on your research at anytime.