Professional Family History Research Provider for the East Galway Area

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This is a page for the use of the staff of the East Galway Family History Society only

Inital Search Fee


Involves researchers conducting preliminary research to determine what level of information may be available


Family Search Fee


One generation, to include a marriage record and birth/ baptism records for the children of this union

Single record search


Involves researchers checking all available sources for a particular record

Family History Report


A report will normally consist of all available historical Church, Civil, Land and Census records and may also contain maps of the area, family trees and photographs and any other relevant information.

Consultation Fee


Avail of our in-house, experienced researchers by visiting the Woodford Heritage Centre or by sending research requests via email or fill in the online application form.

Found Record Fee


This is a fee for each verified birth, death or marriage record found as a result of an intial record search being completed by our researchers.

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Found Record Fee after five


This is a revised fee for each additional verified birth, death or marriage record found after an initial five records.


Donation – No fixed value


Product to be used internally for entering variable value donations as a product using the usual checkout page options