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Welcome to the East Galway Family History Society based at the Woodford Heritage Centre. You can avail of our professional research services from our in-house genealogists by checking our research options and services below or by searching online
About the Society
The Society was set up in 1991 to provide a family history research service for national and international clients through the collection, transcription and computerisation of historical records for the east Galway area.
The Society has carried out genealogical research on behalf of a considerable number of clients over the years. People from countries such as the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Mauritius, Hong Kong, and Japan have availed of the ancestral research services available at the Centre.
The Society is a not-for-profit organisation with all income generated being used to enhance and improve the services provided by the Society for the local community and visitors alike.
Our Services

Single Record Search


Involves researchers checking all available sources for a particular record which can be a baptism or birth record, marriage or death record.

The results can be emailed or posted free of charge.

Initial Search


Involves researchers conducting preliminary research using available sources to determine what level of research may be available.

The results can be emailed or posted free of charge.

Family Search


One generation and includes research for the marriage of a couple and birth/ baptism records for any children of this union

The results can be emailed or posted free of charge.

Online Search

We have the most comprehensive selection of historical records for the east Galway area, including church baptisms, marriages and death records, state records of births, deaths and marriages along with many other sources such as land and census records.

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Family History Report

from €250

A report will usually consist of all available historical Church, State, Land, Census records and may also contain maps of the area, family trees and any other relevant information. A report can also include family photographs, memorial cards, marriage agreements and other historical documents supplied by the client.

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Face to Face Consultations

€40 per hour

You can avail of our in-house, experienced researchers by visiting the Woodford Heritage Centre or by sending research requests by completing our online application form or email to or post to the Woodford Heritage Centre, Woodford, Co. Galway, H62 HP57

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"I wish to thank Caroline Flaherty for all her help and patience. She has been a God send. This research has helped me with my family roots and I also was able to find my ancestor’s grave site in my home town!!. I also found his death certificate in the local Irish church which was all made possible through your information. Again my sincere and deepest thanks and have a blessed spring and summer!!

Dr, Bob Schiavone

Kentucky, USA

"Dear Julie, It is just so wonderful to finally see church baptismal records, I have nothing but thanks and admiration for you and your efforts. It’s quite emotional for me really. My grandfather was quite young when his grandparents died, but he did remember Lawrie and Celia, as they were known locally. He told me of a short statured, white-bearded Irishman smoking a pipe seated in front of the fire with a large blanket wrapped around him. Ironically, for most of my childhood at least, and minus the pipe, that’s the way I remember my own grandfather, who was also Laurence (Larry, or ‘Pa’ to me), like his own father too. Having this information just ties my own sense of identity to Ireland that much more and I dearly look forward to the day I can visit Galway and tread in some of the footsteps of my ancestors – a journey now made that much more significant and easier, by you.

Nick Comer