Hi Grainne and Mary,

I don't know if you remember when my wife and I visited your centre last year. But I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave us. You were able to do so much with the little information I had about my Granddad.  As such I just wanted to give you an update.  After we had time to take in all the information you gave us we went to visit the graves of my Grandfather's parents.  It was one of most special moments in my life, I won't lie a tear or two were shed.  On your recommendation we also visited the post office and a very nice lady there was actually able to put us in contact with some of our cousins.  We got to visit where the old house and met some of our cousins. They even had a picture of my Granddad and his family that I had never seen before. We are now in constant contact and one of my cousins is even going to stay with us for a little while when they move to Australia next year.  None of this could have happened without you and you will never know how grateful we are for your help.

Nate & Anne
Perth WA

Dear Grainne,

I want to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful help you gave me recently with my query on the Kilkelly family in Athenry. You really went that extra mile and exceeded my expectations.  The information you provided was very detailed and clear.  It allowed me to visit my great grandparent's grave for the very first time, over 100 years after their deaths in a little country graveyard.  I will never forget that first morning when, following your guidance, I first set eyes on their final resting place. Your help and encouragement has also set me on the road to further discoveries about my family's past. You have really helped get me hooked on family and local history.

Gratefully yours,

Mike Kilkelly

I  was first put in contact with this organisation in September 2012 because I was experiencing immense difficulty in tracing my Irish ancestors.  A genealogist contacted me, via email and, immediately, my research moved forward in leaps and bounds!

I cannot praise this organisation enough; the willing assistance I’ve been offered during the last few months has enabled me to progress my research more than I had believed possible.  Not only have I been offered advice and pointers, but also, the genealogist aiding me has given freely of her experience and local knowledge.  I have been provided with a lot of historical facts, with regard to parish and civil records and this has enabled me to better understand why tracing records is not only difficult, but, in some instances, impossible.  I’ve been given information that led me to search in a more focussed way and thereby identify ancestors and locate their places of residence.  As a direct result of my contact with this organisation I now have a wealth of information to aid me.

I could say so much more and still be unable to verbalise my full appreciation for FSH.  The most important acknowledgement I wish to make is that without the help of a brilliant genealogist I could never have learned as much as I have about my ancestors – and I am still learning!  Your assistance has been invaluable and I recommend you to anyone trying to trace her or his Irish roots.   As the saying goes, I couldn’t have done it without you.  THANK YOU.

Jo Johnson
Surrey, England

Hello Grainne,

I received the Fahy documents yesterday - thank you so much, for both the wonderful info and for doing it so quickly. As I continue to explore genealogy, I will definitely look to you for more documentation, as needed. Thanks for your assistance and expertise. 



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