irish family history

Galway Family History Society West Ltd. was established in 1985 by founding members Nuala Silke, Maeve Hanley, Mary Walsh Murray and Christine Conneely.   Motivated by their enthusiasm and interest for family history and local history alike, a community project was created with the aim to gather, transcribe and computerise genealogical sources for the region of West Co. Galway.  In doing so, Galway Family History Society West Ltd. facilitate a Local Training Initiative by providing computer training, career preparation and employment seeking skills and family history research skills to those unemployed in the local community.

Galway Family History Society West Ltd. is a member of the Irish Family History Foundation (IFHF), the coordinating body for a network of government-approved genealogical research centres across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.   As a member of the IFHF, Galway Family History Society West Ltd. have added over 600,000 genealogical records to the online research service www.rootsireland.ie  which now holds over 19 million Irish ancestral records and is a wonderful tool for those interested in conducting their own genealogical research.

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